How is it that every week I have at least five loads of laundry to do, a sink full of dishes, and piles of stuff everywhere? Answer: 3 kids and a messy me. Yes, I am very messy. I have no problem doing the laundry and getting it folded. But it usually stays on the designated laundry couch until it’s been weeded through so many times by so many people nothing is distinguishable. When I do laundry next, the previous weeks indistinguishable laundry is finally re-folded and put away. This lasts for about an hour, when the new weeks laundry is ready to be folded. The kitchen? I usually clean it about noon when I get the 4 year old off the preschool bus and it’s time to make lunch. Clean up last nights dinner and bitch about the stuck on food because I was too lazy to rinse them, unload and reload dishwasher, and leave the mac n cheese pot on the stove for tomorrow. Dinner time: wonder why I left that mac n cheese pot on stove, wash it cuz I need it for potatoes, and throw dinner on the table. Have everyone help clear the table, think to myself I will hang out with the kids and then clean up after dinner, get everyone off to bed, then decide it’s wind down time for. The dishes can wait until tomorrow. So this post doesn’t really fit the title I made, and I can’t think of a new title right now, and it’s time to go get Lulu off the bus and do the lunch/clean up from last night’s dinner thing. Adios!