So how do blended families work? Answer: I really don’t know. I grew up with two loving parents and it was a fricken bed of roses. Well, kinda. All families have their ups and downs. But it took me a long, long, long time to realize that my kids will be okay not living with mommy all the time. Custody battles suck, and so does having to plan everything around different schedules. Here are examples of questions we get all the time: “Can you all come to the Christmas party?” We will try, but we might not have all the kids. “What are you guys up to this weekend? We want to go bowling with all the kids!” Sorry, only Riley this weekend, I have to work at the restaurant, and that Christmas party is next weekend and we still won’t have Mariah. Our schedule is full until July, and then bowling is out of the question because we’d rather be on the boat with hopefully at least one of our lovelies. “How about getting a babysitter and joining us for no kids night out?” Sorry, we have two kids this weekend and we’d rather hang with them because they’re not always around. I have off work on Sunday, how about that bowling thing? Oh, right, it’s time for your adults only night. Wanna join us on the boat in July? No matter the amount of kids, it’s always a good time!