The weather this year is just not cooperating for a few good spring days to work on my garden. Today I said screw it and decided that it’s time to get out the rototiller. Yes, it started snowing on me. In April. In Michigan. While trying to start a garden. In April. That is just some crap. So I get the rototiller out of the garden shed to discover it had a flat tire, a broken line to the hand pump that works the tiller, and a big nasty spider. Said rototiller is named Toro with a picture of a bull on it, and I figured out why the company named their products Toro. That is because Toro is Spanish for bull, and we all know what goes with bull, so the product really means bull shit in Spanish. Anyway, I got Jason to kill the big nasty spider, and I filled up the tire with air. It went flat again. I got Jason, again, to fix it. Fixed it was. Now the line for the tiller part is just screwed, so we rigged it up so it just tills all the time, but that means I have to lift the dang thing across the yard to the garden spot without tilling up the yard. That is some fun stuff. So far, we have spent 20 minutes just trying to get the rototiller up and running. Now I get the thing over to the garden spot without tilling up the yard. Even just a little bit. Score! I start rototilling. (My computer says “rototilling” is not a word. Just go with it.) I get a few sweeps in and it stops working just like the bullshit charm a Toro is. I get the thingy we are using to keep it tilling pulled out, put it back on, and we are not back to rototilling. I can’t figure it out. So I get Jason, he kind of figures it out, and finishes the job for me. Yay! Now, if I can get my vegetables planted this week some time and not have frost kill everything, we will be in good shape. But it is Aril. It is snowing. It is Michigan. So good luck with that.